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The most important thing about paintball that most people don’t know is that it is safer than most of the co-ed sports played in schools and during the summer. Statistically, it is three times more likely that someone will be injured to the point where they are taken to the hospital while playing basketball or soccer then if they were playing paintball.

Paintball has evolved over the years to the point of being extremely safe. With limitations on how fast the paintball can travel when it leaves the barrel, how strong an impact from a paintball a mask has to withstand, rules regarding when HPA and CO2 tanks are too old and can no longer be refilled, to basic, universal safety procedures followed by every field worldwide. “it’s estimated that over 10 million people play paintball in the United States each year, which means that if you play paintball, you have less than a one in 16,000 people who play paintball will end up in the ED and fewer than one in 135,000 will be admitted to a hospital. The odds of a serious injury, then, are astronomically low.” (David Muhlestein, Paintball Injuries)

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