32155 South Grimm Road,
Molalla, OR 97038

Summer Camp

 Summer Camp For Kids!

At the Northwest's Largest and Longest Operating Paintball Park Since 1986!

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About Us: Splat Action is family owned and operated with over 40 acres of towers, bunkers, foxholes, tree houses, villages and more!  We offer the very best outdoor playing experience all the way from Seattle to Sacramento!!!  To learn more head on over to our About Us page!

Our Mission: to ensure that the sport of paintball remains fun, exciting affordable, and safe, through education and awareness!

Our 5 day summer camp will focus on teaching each player the fundamentals to becoming a pro paintballer!  

Our Fields: We pride ourselves on our 40+ acres of playable scenario fields that are fully loaded with bunkers, villages, tree houses, and foxholes for campers to explore and play on.  We are located outside of Molalla Oregon.  We are 45 minutes from downtown Portland!  To see more of our awesome play areas check out our Photo Gallery!  

Convenient Shuttle!

To ensure camp is accessible for all kinds of busy parents, we have convenient drop off locations throughout the Portland and Salem area to make transportation a breeze and save you the drive!

Each camper will learn (but not limited to) the following!




Game Tactics!

Snap Shooting!

Bunker Blocking!

The Gear: Each camper will be using a Tippmann FT-12 Variable Velocity paintball marker with unlimited paintballs and will have access to our camouflage jackets and battle armor to use at each visit so they can play out their battle royale and get an adrenaline rush at the same time!   Along with using an ultra brittle paintball, every marker is tested daily at the chronograph to 270 FPS (Feet per second) At this velocity, the paintballs break super easy without a sting!  Although some players are more sensitive than others, we take every precaution to minimize bruises and welts.

Along with supplying all the equipment needed to play safely, we will be providing a personal pair of full face protective goggles that each camper can customize and use during the camp duration and keep once their finished with camp!

 As an Added Bonus! ($125 Value!)

Each camper will be issued their very own Splat Action Gold Membership card on graduation day!  By being a Splat Action Gold Member you will be entitled to special perks, benefits, and big savings!  The Gold Membership Card is valid for a full year!  Use it every time you come to Splat Action whether you need to rent gear or have your own equipment and you will save money. 


If interested in becoming a sponsor of Splat Action Paintball, please contact John Vida at info@splataction.com