Summer Camp

 Paintball Summer Day Camp For Kids!

For ages 9 - 17!

At the Northwest's Largest and Longest Operating Paintball Park Since 1986!


Summer Dates:

June 17 - 21

July 8 - 12

July 22 - 26

August 5 - 9

August 19 – 23

Camp Hours

Monday – Friday 9:30am – 3:00pm

Pick-Up / Drop Off

Tualatin Fred Meyers

Pick up at (8:15am-8:30am)

Drop off: (3:45pm-4:00pm)

19200 SW Martinazzi Ave
Tualatin, OR 97062

Oregon City Shopping Center

Pick up: (8:30am-8:45am)

Drop off: (3:30pm-3:45pm)

1900 McLoughlin Blvd
Oregon City, OR 97045

About Us

Splat Action is family owned and operated with over 100 acres of towers, bunkers, foxholes, tree houses, villages and more!  We offer the very best outdoor playing experience all the way from Seattle to Sacramento!!!  To learn more head on over to our About Us page!

Each camper will learn (but not limited to) the following!




Game Tactics!

Snap Shooting!

Bunker Blocking!

Our Mission

Players get to spend the week learning techniques utilized by professional players such as communication, shooting technique, movement strategy, proper gear maintenance, and teamwork. Campers will have access to all play areas while under counselor supervision learning how to navigate play areas through fun and unique scenarios. Paintball is inherently a more aggressive sport; we take this into consideration by providing campers with tournament grade paintballs which break at a lower velocity.  Campers will also be issued their own pair of goggles to take home at the end of camp!

Our Fields

We pride ourselves on our 100+ acres of playable scenario fields that are fully loaded with bunkers, villages, tree houses, and foxholes for campers to explore and play on.  We are located outside of Molalla Oregon.  We are 45 minutes from downtown Portland!  To see more of our awesome play areas check out our Photo Gallery!  

The Gear

 Each camper will be using a Planet Eclipse EMEK Variable Velocity paintball marker with unlimited paintballs and will have access to our camouflage jackets and battle armor to use at each visit so they can play out their battle royale and get an adrenaline rush at the same time! Along with using an ultra brittle paintball, every marker is tested daily at the chronograph to 270 FPS (Feet per second) At this velocity, the   paintballs break super easy without a sting!  Although some players are more sensitive than others, we take every precaution to minimize welts.

Along with supplying all the equipment needed to play safely, we will be providing a personal pair of full face protective goggles that each camper can customize and use during the camp duration and keep once they're finished with camp!

Convenient Shuttle!

To ensure camp is accessible for all kinds of busy parents, we have convenient drop off locations both at the Tualatin Fred Meyers, and the Oregon City Shopping Center in Gladstone to make transportation a breeze and save you the drive!

For drop off campers, camp is from 9:30a.m. - 3:00p.m.


$475 - For the ultimate paintball experience! Tuition covers all the gear and paintballs each camper will need for the 5 day duration! Includes shuttle service to and from camp!

"He personally  rated you guys daily at 110. 

His words: it was amazing! I loved the maps, foxholes, bunkers, tree houses, trenches, cover, barricades,castles and villages!  I liked all the modes. It was the best I loved it. Rod, Shane and the buss driver were amazing too. Thank you for the mask and the t-shirt. I loved everything about it." 

"Thanks for a camp well done, -Sheri"


We hold our staff to an exceptionally high standard!  Along with being first aid and CPR certified, every staff member has undergone a vigorous screening process to ensure the safety and well being of each camper.  Our staff focuses on making sure the needs of each and every camper are met, making sure that no camper feels left out of the fun!  Instead of acting as a forceful authority, we aim to guide in a fun, family, big brother style of leadership.


If interested in becoming a sponsor of Splat Action Paintball, please contact John Vida at