Privacy Policy

General Privacy 

Splat Action respects your privacy!  We take every precaution to keep any and all information submitted by you confidential and protected from unauthorized 3rd parties.  All personal information gathered is only shared with counselors for safety and health reasons.  It is only used for accident prevention and in case of an emergency.  We do not release information to 3rd parties or individuals including name, age, dates of play, or location to anyone other than the legal guardian or appointed physician. 


Each physical waiver that we receive is kept and filed for 2 years under lock and key for safe keeping.  After two years, the records are removed and destroyed keeping your information secure.  

Digital "Vantora" waivers are used in place of a physical paper waiver.  


If an email is submitted via the Contact Us page, all submissions are forwarded to ""   We do not sell, harvest, or distribute mailing lists.

If you have any questions concerning your privacy or another's privacy feel free to Contact Us or give us a call.


If interested in becoming a sponsor of Splat Action Paintball, please contact John Vida at