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  • Aliens Amongst Us
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    Ok, now you know Tim’s story, if you don’t, go back and read it.

    It’s now up to you, the good people of Action Town to go in there and shoot the aliens, gather up the black blobs, capture the alien toilet and restore the people of Splatville.

    Here is what you need to know, the alien ship is protected by a force field so you can’t enter it without first destroying the force field. The force field is a network of power cells and emitters located in buildings scattered throughout Splatville. You can’t enter a building without first destroying the emitter. Once you have destroyed it then you need to go inside and find the power cell and remove it. Do this until all of the emitters and power cells have been destroyed and removed. Then and only then can you assault the alien ship.

    While you are busy doing all of that you will be also gathering up as many black blobs as possible so bring a couple of bags and/or a back pack that is large enough to hold at least half a dozen black blobs the size of party balloons. Make sure your name is on the bag. You must have your loot on you at all times during the game. If you are shot out you still keep your loot and respawn with it.

    The aliens will also be out gathering up the black blobs as each one to them is a source of food and power. So watch out for them! You will know them when you see them; they are the ones with the spider on their heads. The only way to shoot out an alien is to shoot the spider off of their heads or pop it.

    Here is the hard part. The Captain of the alien ship has a weapon that when you are shot by it turns you into an alien flunky. You are under the control of the aliens and must do their bidding until you get shot out by the good guys. While you are an alien flunky you temporarily loose your loot. You get it all back when you respawn as a good guy.

    You already know to gather up the black blobs. You also know to take the power cells. One more thing to find and keep would be the spiders. Any black blob that has been popped can’t be restored to a human by the alien toilet so it is no good to you. Don’t waste your time on those. Popped or whole spiders are good either way. For each one of these items you will receive a raffle ticket at the end of the game.

    The assault on the alien ship will be key as all of the black blobs that the aliens have managed to collect will be in there along with the alien toilet. Whoever manages to get the alien toilet off the ship will earn themselves ten raffle tickets. The toilet is the only thing that gets dropped if you are shot out while carrying it.

    The game will start at 11:00 and go until 4:30. 4:30 is when the alien ship takes off so if you haven’t managed to board it and shoot out all of the aliens they win. The raffle will be right after the end of the game.
    Things to know: First, this will be a continuous game with no scheduled breaks other than right before the assault on the alien ship. So eat before you come out and bring snacks and water that you can carry on your person. Second, you will go through a lot of paint! We recommend that you buy at least 1000 paintballs (half a case). Finally, there will not be a good guy general. If you need help or direction, talk to a referee. It would be a good idea to team up with other players prior to game start.

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Splat Action has been a family owned and operated business since 1986. John Vida started Splat Action with a paintball park near Molalla, OR (a suburb of Portland, Oregon). At that time Splat Action was the only play field (that we know of) in the entire Northwest. There were no examples on how to successfully run and operate a paintball park, so John Vida designed the play field and created the rules, setting a standard that was adopted by the other fields across the Northwest.


Splat Action offers state-of-the-art rental gear, specialized equipment, and other game supplies. Our field is Oregon’s largest and finest with 47 acres of wooded terrain including towers, bunkers, foxholes, tree houses, tents, streams, villages, target range, and picnic area. Anyone 10 or older can play (minors need parental consent) and no previous paintball experience is necessary. So just come on out and sign up! ”Walk-On” games are played Saturdays and Sundays from 9-5, with a half-hour lunch. We suggest you wear loose-fitting clothing of heavyweight material for tromping in the woods with. Camouflage or dark-colored clothing is the best.

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